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9 November 2006


Epitech orders three Aixtron AIX 2600G3 systems for HB-LEDs

Epitech Technology Corp of south Taiwan’s Tainan Science-based Industrial Park has ordered three Aixtron AIX 2600G3 MOCVD epitaxial reactors (in 12x4-inch multiwafer configuration), augmenting its earlier Aixtron reactors for mass producing AlGaInP high-brightness LEDs. In July, Epitech acquired a Thomas Swan CRIUSTM 30x2-inch wafer MOCVD reactor for mass producing GaN LED epiwafers.

Founded in May 2000, Epitech is an epiwafer and chip manufacturing foundry for the complete spectrum of ultra high-brightness LEDs, from AlGaInP red, orange and yellow-green to InGaN blue, green and UV HB-LEDs, including power LEDs for white lighting applications. Shareholders include UMC of Hsinchu, Taiwan’s second-largest silicon foundry.  

“Adding to the existing tools, of which most are currently being upgraded to the latest configuration, we now transition to the latest generation of MOCVD processes for optoelectronics,” says Epitech’s president Semi Wang. The Planetary Reactor is the “foundation for our planned strategic expansion of volume production to meet growing customer demand,” he adds.  

Earlier this year, in September, it was announced that Epitech would merge with Epistar Corporation, also of Taiwan. See related item.