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9 November 2006


Alfalight expands sales and support network to UK and Israel

Alfalight Inc of Madison, WI, USA has named Pacer International and Appletec Ltd as its distributors in the UK and Israel, respectively, to provide sales and support for its complete line of high-power diode pump lasers and laser

Pacer International is a specialist distributor of optoelectronic components, assemblies, sensors and information displays for commercial, industrial and military markets in the UK.

Appletec, established in 1990, is an electronics and optical components distributor that is focused on serving the local Israel communications, industrial, medical and defense markets.

"Both Pacer and Appletec have extensive optoelectronic and photonics expertise and a proven track record of superb customer support in their markets," said Ron Bechtold, VP of Sales and Marketing. "They will be
enabled to locally support the rapid growth of diode-pumped solid state, fiber lasers, and EDFA systems designed and manufactured in the UK and Israel."

Alfalight claims its Aluminium-Free Active region (ALFA) diode lasers provide efficiency, reliability, power and brightness. The company has exclusive license to patents that include high-power narrow-spectrum stabilized lasers, single-mode lasers, and short-wavelength lasers. Alfalight's high-power diode laser product line includes free-space and
fiber-coupled single emitters as well as fiber-coupled multi-emitter pump modules.

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