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2 November 2006


GaN HEMTs for general purpose broadband systems

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA is producing sample quantities of two new general-purpose high-power GaN HEMTs, for broadband applications. The 10-watt CGH40010 and 45-watt CGH40045 operate at up to 4 GHz with 14 dB of associated power gain and 65% drain efficiency when operated at 28 volts. Their efficiency, high gain and broad bandwidth make them ideal components for linear and compressed amplifier circuits, says the company. Targeted applications include general-purpose broadband amplifiers and critical communications systems used by police, fire departments and Homeland Security.

“Cree’s GaN HEMT technology can significantly outperform existing gallium arsenide or silicon LDMOS technology in broadband systems that need wide bandwidth, low power or high-efficiency performance,” said Jim Milligan, Cree’s product manager for wide bandgap radio frequency products.