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21 November 2006


LED headlamps for automotive forward lighting

With the launch of its new OSTAR Headlamp, and the upcoming launch of OSTAR Headlamp Hot Spot, LED-maker Osram Opto Semiconductors of Regensburg, Germany is targeting vehicle forward lighting applications based on both reflector and projector systems.

The new high-power light sources are each equipped with five large, tightly packed ThinGaN chips, which together generate the high brightness and illuminance required to meet both halogen and HID performance.

For a typical forward current of 700mA, the OSTAR Headlamp achieves 250lm and the OSTAR Headlamp Hot Spot as much as 350lm. So, four LEDs are sufficient to generate as much light as a halogen lamp. A larger number
would be needed to produce the same level as a xenon lamp.

"The LEDs provide concentrated light from a small emitting area, and are therefore ideal for use in vehicle headlights," Ellen Sizemore, director, LED/IR marketing said. Robust, vibration-proof and moisture-resistant, the lamps generate white light in the ECE and SAE standard color range with a
high color temperature of 5600K, closer to natural daylight than other headlight sources, Osram Opto claims. Because the human eye is better at perceiving objects in daylight white light than in other light colors, whiter light can help increase visibility at the edges of the illuminated zone, improving reaction time and safety. Systems designed with OSTAR Headlamps are suited to applications such as high and low beam headlights, fog lights, daytime running lights and Adaptive Front lighting Systems (AFS), the company says. Direct access to the LED chips maximizes optical coupling efficiency. Available without primary optics, OSTAR Headlamp meets the requirements of reflector-based
systems. The light from these surface emitters can be injected in customer-specific optics. For projector-based systems, OSTAR Headlamp Hotspot will include a primary optic to focus the light.

The OSTAR Headlamp's packaging simplifies LED forward lighting integration, claims Osram Opto. Precise mounting of the LED chips minimizes tolerance stack up and the low thermal resistance ceramic carrier maximizes brightness
and lifetime at under-hood temperatures. The integral connector and mounting holes enable solder-free installation into the vehicle headlamp package. OSTAR Headlamps also meet the automotive AEC-Q101 standard.