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27 November 2006


RFMD is Lenovo's 'Best Supplier' for second consecutive year; launches GPS solution; announces Bluetooth collaboration

At an awards ceremony in Xiamen, China, RF Micro Devices (RFMD) Inc received the 'Best Supplier Award' for the second consecutive year from Lenovo Group Ltd's handset-making division Lenovo Mobile of Beijing, the biggest local
mobile handset brand sold in China and the fourth largest overall in China, according to the latest SINO report. Lenovo is the also world's fastest-growing handset brand, according to David Wang, RFMD Country Manager of China.

RFMD is a primary supplier of power amplifiers (PAs) for Lenovo handsets. It is also pursuing opportunities with Lenovo Mobile to supply complementary RF technologies, including its POLARIS Total Radio RF solutions, GPS and
Bluetooth components.

* RFMD launches GPS RF8110 scalable GPS Solution

RFMD is sampling the RF8110 scalable GPS solution, a software/host-based GPS solution that combines an RFIC and software to deliver GPS technology to next-generation mobile phones and personal multimedia and navigation

The RF8110 is the first in RFMD's line of scalable GPS solutions, which allow optimization of factors such as cost, battery life, size and performance. It offers accurate positioning data (even while indoors) and requires the fewest components, says RFMD, lowering the total
bill-of-materials cost. Also, it allows handset makers to use their internally developed GPS functions, such as navigation and mapping, to accommodate multiple navigation architectures. "The RF8110's adaptable software-based architecture allows customers to easily add features, upgrade or customize their product," says Dave Lyon, VP of Wireless Connectivity.

RFMD expects production shipments to start in March 2007.

* RFMD provides Bluetooth solution to handset baseband supplier

RFMD is collaborating with MediaTek Inc, a supplier of consumer and communications IC solutions, to create Bluetooth-enabled EDGE and GPRS mobile phone reference designs with RFMD's SiW3500, a fully qualified, highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) Bluetooth solution that combines a direct conversion radio modem with an ARM7TDMI processor core, Bluetooth baseband logic and complete protocol software in ROM. All active RF components have been integrated into the CMOS-based IC, making it a complete low-cost solution with a very small footprint, says RFMD.

The turnkey solution reduces development resources and improves time to market, claims RFMD. Also, handsets will be enabled with Bluetooth profiles that allow multimedia applications such as music streaming to Bluetooth stereo headsets.

"RFMD is committed to providing easy-to-integrate solutions to enhance next-generation mobile phones," says Dave Lyon, VP of Wireless Connectivity. "Our collaboration proves Bluetooth technology is increasingly a mainstream
application across most categories of mobile phones," he adds.