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28 November 2006


Veeco receives four orders for R&D MBE systems

Veeco Instruments Inc of St Paul, MN, USA has received four orders for its R&D molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems, extending across its R&D product line including a GEN20, GEN930, GEN II, and a GEN III.

The systems are planned for a range of development efforts by research groups in Europe, Japan, and the USA. The GEN20, the latest development platform addition to the product line, will manufacture quantum dots. Similar to other systems operating in oxides, the GEN930 will support a ‘leading institute’ in the development of next-generation logic devices. The GEN II and GEN III systems will support III-V and high-mobility developments, respectively.

“The GEN20 system order further solidifies the success of this product as a scalable platform from development through pilot production,” says Jeffrey Hohn, vice president, general manager Veeco MBE Operations.

The GEN20 is the only 4” system in the industry that can be upgraded from a manual wafer transfer configuration to a system with an automated cluster tool, enabling 24x7 operation, claims Veeco. The flexibility of the pumping configuration, wafer handling options and high-wafer throughput suit both government labs and pilot production environments. The continued development and advancement of the GEN II and GEN III systems, with their large installed base, suits high-mobility devices and general III-V research. The GEN930 configured for oxides is a powerful and affordable system for emerging oxide applications, Veeco adds.