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14 November 2006


STMicroelectronics and Velox enter dual source agreement

STMicroelectronics (ST) and Velox Semiconductor Corp are to jointly introduce GaN Schottky diodes into the market, with the aim of establishing both companies as dual-source suppliers. GaN-based diodes can be used to manufacture Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) for computers, consumer applications, and industrial products.

Velox is already in the final stages of developing 600-volt GaN Schottky diodes. In the first phase of the joint venture, ST will test and qualify the diodes, and use its worldwide distribution network to market and distribute them under the Velox brand name. In the second phase, Velox and ST aim to become dual sources. Velox will license its diode production technology to ST to enable second-source manufacturing.

"Both companies believe that the GaN devices will provide one of the best trade-offs for the 600-volt power device market in the medium term," said Ricardo de Sa Earp, general manager, Application Specific Discretes Division, STMicroelectronics. "We believe that the deal with Velox enables ST to introduce a new and fast-growing product line, quickly, and with the minimum of R&D and capital investment."

"Our agreement with ST will help Velox to answer our customers' needs for reliability of supply, and will enable faster qualification at a larger number of customers," said Thomas Hierl, CEO of Velox Semiconductor. "Combining ST's manufacturing, reliability and quality expertise with Velox GaN technology will create a true dual-source supply for GaN devices."

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