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9 November 2006


Finland's VTT orders flip-chip die bonder from Laurier

Contract research organization VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has ordered an M9 ultra-high precision flip-chip die bonder (including an optional ultrasonic bond head) from assembly equipment maker Laurier Inc of
Londonderry, NH, USA, via its European distributor Datacon Technology GmbH of Radfeld, Austria (both part of packaging equipment supplier BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. of The Netherlands). The highly flexible, small-footprint, semi-automatic bonder will be used for use in development
projects in optoelectronic, RF and MEMS applications.

In its most basic system configuration, the flexible M9 performs cold compression, thermo-compression, adhesive cure and solder reflow, without the need for hardware changes. It can be used to bond photonic devices
(edge-emitting lasers, VCSELs, photodetector), RF devices and MEMS devices on various substrates, such as low-temperature co-fired ceramics and polymer as well as silicon substrates.

Placement accuracy reaches down to ±0.5 microns, with automatic alignment, while providing bonding forces up to 50kg (M9A) or 200kg (M9G). Upper and lower heads and chucks are heatable up to 500oC, with ramping and cool-down feasible. Features include closed-loop feedback temperature and force maintenance routines.

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