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18 October 2006


Avago claims first "Plug and Play" high-power RGB LED lighting modules

Avago Technologies is to launch a pair of 24-watt red, green and blue (RGB) light-emitting diode (LED) modules for decorative, architectural and specialty lighting purposes. These new LED modules are the first to provide up to 480 lumens of light output, say the company.

The ADJD-MJ50 (emitting light from the top) and ADJD-MJ60 (emitting light from the side) LED modules are compact and can be stacked vertically or horizontally. According to Avago, they are an ideal light source for use with the its patented colour management solution, because they allow the end user to set and maintain a consistent colour point throughout the life of the lighting device.

Avago adds that its new product is a ready-to-use integrated solid-state light source enclosed in a compact, easy-to-mount metal case equipped with an integrated power connector designed to interface with a heat sink.

Both ADJD-MJ50 and ADJD-MJ60 are rated for up to 480 lumens of continuous light output when all of the red, blue and green emitters are driven with their rated current at 100% duty cycle (approximately 310 lumens when adjusted for white output with 9000 K colour temperature). The built-in heat sink (thermal resistance between the LED junctions and case bottom is only 2 degree C/W) and mechanical mounting features provide efficient heat transfer from the LEDs to the lighting fixture. This allows the LEDs to operate at high drive currents (up to 750 mA total) while minimizing junction temperatures.