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27 October 2006


BridgeLux lights-up mobile applications market

Maker of LED chips BridgeLux Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA has introduced its new BSV Series side-view LED chip product line.

Based on the BridgeLux’s patented structure for elongated geometry under US Patent Number 6,869,812, the BSV Series LED chips are available in 10x18 mil and 10x23 mil sizes, and feature a rectangular shape. When combined with phosphors, the blue chips deliver 1500 mcd typical luminous intensity for a packaged white LED.

Robert C. Walker, BridgeLux's CEO, said: “This is an exciting milestone for BridgeLux as we extend our high power illumination LED technology to smaller size LED chips used in mobile applications. The BSV series will enable our customers to greatly expand their offerings in the backlight market. It’s important to note that this side-view product line is just one of our product families based on the targeted intellectual property investments that we have developed to penetrate specific markets and applications.”