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3 October 2006


Cree grants license to Lite-On Technology

Taiwan’s Lite-On Technology Corporation has been granted a license to manufacture and sell light bars incorporating Cree white LEDs (U.S. Patent No. 6,600,175) for back- lighting laptop LCD displays. This is first license Cree has granted specifically for a system-level application targeting laptop displays.

“Cree’s ‘175 patent is particularly important to companies manufacturing white LED-based display products for the laptop and PC markets, because avoiding IP disputes is essential for PC market acceptance,” noted Scott Schwab, Cree’ VP and general manager of optoelectronics. “This arrangement with Lite-On is an important first step to addressing the emerging LED market in laptop displays.”

“We knew we needed a strong LED technology with a broad intellectual property portfolio for our new back- lighting products,” said Rex Wu, Lite-On associate VP. “Lite-On turned to Cree to provide a significant competitive advantage for products sold into the laptop backlighting marketplace.”