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10 October 2006


Cree claims first 160 lumen white power LED

With the release of its new white XLamp 7090 power LED, Cree Inc says a new “benchmark” for power LED brightness and efficacy has been achieved. Available in production quantities, it produces luminous flux of up to 95 lumens or 85 lumens per watt at 350 mA, and up to 160 lumens at 700 mA, says Cree. Typical luminous flux for the product is 80 lumens at 350 mA, yielding 70 lumens per watt.

Designed for general lighting applications, such as street lighting, the XLamp 7090 LED is the first power LED based on Cree’s EZBright 1000 LED chip, which the company says provides the industry’s highest efficacy at 350 mA.

“Cree LEDs are achieving efficacy levels formerly delivered only by the most efficient traditional lighting sources, including fluorescent bulbs. We have established a new class of LED performance,” says Mike Dunn, Cree’s general manager and vice president, lighting and backlighting LEDs. “Our goal at Cree remains to aggressively increase the brightness and efficacy of our LEDs to ensure that LEDs become a cost-effective, energy-saving alternative for all lighting applications.”

“The Department of Energy is pleased to have been a contributing partner in the Cree research and development efforts that have achieved a new level of performance for power LEDs,” said Alexander Karsner, Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. “Now, more than ever, our nation needs energy-saving technology that is top-quality and cost-effective. The Department will continue to work with Cree and other lighting-industry partners to turn advanced energy-saving technology into commercially available and successful products that save energy for consumers.”

Cree has received funding for its LED R&D from both the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building Technologies Program, within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Advanced Technology Program. Cree is also a charter member of the DOE’s Solid-State Lighting Partnership with the Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance, a group of lighting manufacturers that provide advice on the manufacturing and commercialization of the DOE's solid-state lighting portfolio.

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