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2 October 2006


EPSRC’s National Centre for III-V Technologies moves to new £10m facility

Supported by the Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the University of Sheffield has created a new £10m Nanoscience and Technology Centre for research into semiconductors, nano-magnetics and other devices.

Incorporating the UK's largest cleanroom laboratory, the centre will provide facilities and support for high-tech businesses in the region, and will be the new home for the EPSRC’s (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) National Centre for III-V Technologies.

Professor Peter Houston, co-director of the III-V Centre with Professor Maurice Skolnick, said: "Relocating to this new facility will give us the expansion capacity, not only to maintain and expand our existing research, but to accelerate new areas such as biophotonics and to form stronger links with industry. We´re looking forward to being located on the University´s new North Campus where the multidisciplinary environment is already proving beneficial as we rub shoulders with colleagues in areas such as tissue engineering and biological remediation."

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