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20 October 2006


FOREPI orders hydrogen purifiers from Johnson Matthey

InGaN LED wafer and chip maker Formosa Epitaxy Inc (FOREPI) of Taoyuan, Taiwan has placed an order with Johnson Matthey Gas Purification Technology (GPT) group of West Chester, PA, USA for three Model GPT-40 hydrogen
purifiers capable of flowing 30Nm/hr for its growing number of MOCVD reactors.

Founded in 1999, FOREPI claims to be the only LED company in Taiwan able to offer a full spectrum of products including high-power InGaN blue, green and near-UV LEDs.

Johnson Matthey says that its bulk hydrogen purifiers are capable of providing 99.9999999% pure hydrogen for wafer fabrication. With facilities in North America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, Johnson Matthey GPT reckons it has installed over 5000 gas
purification units worldwide.