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5 October 2006


Mitsubishi launches high-output InGaP HBT amplifiers for WiMAX terminals

Mitsubishi Electric Corp says it has developed a high-output InGaP HBT amplifier operating at 2-5-2.7 GHz for WiMAX terminals in mobile and domestic markets, and will begin sample shipments in mid-December. The company claims that the amplifiers are the smallest of their kind in the

To date, Mitsubishi Electric has sold a pre-WiMAX trans- mission module for business services that was developed in the USA. The new amplifier for WiMAX terminals capable of reducing transmission signal distortion is the world's smallest transmission module with competitive high output, the company claims.

To reduce signal distortion while also strengthening output for strong wireless communication, Mitsubishi Electric says that, by using InGaP HBTs often used in mobile handsets, it has been able to reduce error vector magnitude (EVM) by 2.5% at 27dBm (502mW) by optimizing construction of the
device structure to fit the WiMAX orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation method while maintaining a competitive output of 27dBm. The company also claims that it is unique in its application to both
IEEE802.16-2004 (fixed line communication) and IEEE802.16e-2005 (mobile communication) specifications.

Mitsubishi Electric says it has developed the world's small- est high-output amplifier (4.5mm x 4.5mm) by embedding the power detector (for analysing the amplifier output) and the step attenuator (for controlling amplifier output) in the module. The height has also been kept to 1mm, so it can also be used in PC card terminals. The external matching circuit is also unnecessary, because the impedance of the input/output port is at the wireless device standard of 50 ohms. This reduces the number of parts and mounting area, reducing size and weight of the WiMAX terminal, the company claims.

Mitsubishi Electric says it plans to also make amplifiers for the 3.5GHz and 2.3GHz bands.