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4 October 2006


OSRAM launches Platinum Dragon LED

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has launched the Platinum Dragon LED, the brightest single-chip high-power LED in its Dragon series, producing white light at 75lm from an operating current of 700mA (30lm/W).

In terms of its design and dimensions, the package is the same as for the Golden Dragon but can withstand twice the output and therefore a higher operating current, due to the high-power thin-film chip, better thermal connection between the chip and the package, and optimum heat dissipation of the SMT package. Because the operating current can be higher ­ up to 1 A depending on the colour ­ there is more light from the same unit area.

OSRAM says that the Platinum Dragon is suitable for applications that need high brightness in a small space, such as torches, bicycle lamps and flashing blue lights for emergency vehicles. Existing applications such as traffic lights, flashing warning lights on building sites, reading lights in cars and aircraft, and medical lamps can be made brighter without design modifications. OSRAM claims that, at a price of less than three dollars, the Platinum Dragon offers more lumens per dollar than any other LED.