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26 October 2006


Osram introduces new generation of side-emitting LEDs

Osram Opto Semiconductors has added a new generation of side-emitting LEDs to its range. Its new MicroSIDELED offers 30% higher luminous intensity than its previous generation, measures 0.6 mm tall, and is designed for low-profile display applications. Osram says that a single LED can now produce 1.6 cd.

Ellen Sizemore, Osram’s director of LED/IR Marketing, said: “With its higher luminous intensity and compact size, this new MicroSIDELED is ideal for numerous low-profile backlighting applications.”

Along with several other companies, Osram is participating in a project focused on extending the battery life of mobile devices by identifying areas where energy consumption can be reduced. In support of this initiative, at last week’s Display Fair in Yokohama, Japan, Intel hosted the “Extended Battery Life” display. It featured a laptop display demonstration using 60 MicroSIDELEDs to backlight a 15-inch screen. This laptop display consumes 4.4W, and achieves a maximum luminance of approximately 220 cd/m².