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4 October 2006


RFMD moves up the rankings

RFIC maker RF Micro Devices Inc (RFMD) of Greensboro, NC, USA is the seventh largest supplier of subscriber RF and baseband semiconductor application-specific devices, based on global revenue, according to the market research company Gartner Inc.

In its recent report "Market Share: Application-Specific Semiconductors for Mobile and Cordless Phones, world-wide, 2005", Gartner shows RFMD climbing two places in the rankings, as compared to its previous ninth place in the prior year’s report. The report also concludes that RFMD held the number-one position in power amplifier modules, with a market share more than twice that of any competitor, as well as the number-two position in RF application-specific devices.

Eric Creviston, RFMD’s corporate VP of the Cellular Products Group, said: "We continue to gain market share in GSM/ EDGE cellular transceivers, and we anticipate sequential revenue growth in transceivers in the current quarter, as well as year-over-year revenue growth in transceivers in calendar 2007, versus 2006. We have quickly become the world’s leading supplier of transmit modules, and we expect transmit modules will continue to represent a growing percentage of our industry-leading PA product portfolio. Finally, RFMD is the world’s leading supplier of wireless local area network (WLAN) power amplifiers for handsets, and we expect this high-growth segment of the wireless market will contribute increasingly to revenue as WLAN adoption in handsets grows more than six-fold by 2010.”