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2 October 2006


SWIR cameras from XenICs and SUI

XenICs of Leuven, Belgium has introduced its XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 digital imaging camera. The new camera covers the shortwave infrared (SWIR) realm 0.85 to 2.5 µm, operating PC-driven or stand-alone from one single 12V/5A power supply. It combines the HgCdTe detector head, consisting of a four-stage thermoelectrically cooled (200K) focal plane array (320 x 256 pixels), with all the necessary control and communication electronics, says the company.

Applications for the camera include hyper-spectral imaging through laser-beam profiling, low-light level imaging, vision enhancement for automotive and airborne ap­plications, and high-volume semiconductor inspections. The camera enables thermal imaging of hot objects in the 200°C to 800°C range as well as gen­eral purpose imaging applications in the SWIR range.

The XEVA-2.5-320 outputs data at a 14-bit total dynamic range, and comes with an X- Control GUI to capture and display data, which is compatible with all XEVA camera versions and with XenICs PCI-CL frame grabber cards. The X-Control graphical user interface offers direct access to vari­ous camera settings such as exposure time and operating temperature via USB 2.0. The camera head connects to a PC via CameraLink. As an alterna­tive to the XenICs’ PCI frame grabber card, a NI 1428 frame grabber card or a CameraLink to GigE converter can be used. Frame rate is either 60 or 100 Hz (full frame, uncorrected images).

The camera’s anti-condensing camera housing is equipped with an adapter for C-mount optical lenses, and its front-plate is suited for spec­trometer fixation.

XenICs' software driver is compatible with Windows 2000 Work­station and Windows XP Pro. Its dynamic link library (DLL) is designed for flexible software development. A well-documented API with sample code in C, Visual Basic and Delphi is supplied upon request. Labview device drivers and a sample program (executable) are also available. The camera firmware can be upgraded in the field. XenICs' software tools for the camera also in­clude two-point non-uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement.

Contact: Bob Grietens at


SUI (formerly Sensors Unlimited Inc), part of Goodrich Corporation, is now shipping its SU320KTX-1.7RT cameras in volume quantities.  Developed for the U. S. Army’s Soldier Mobility and Rifle Targeting System, the KTX is now also available for industrial applications.  The InGaAs SWIR camera is designed for low-light conditions and day/night operation, imaging in partial starlight to direct sun illumination. Applications include imaging spectroscopy, astronomy, covert and fixed-site surveillance, laser, emission microscopy and machine vision systems. 

Weighing less than 90g, the KTX is available as either an OEM imaging module or enclosed in a housing. Both camera packages include a C-mount lens adapter and lens.  The offers clear, real-time video images with the highest sensitivity available in the 900 nm to 1700 nm wavelength with a 320 x 240 pixel format on a 40-micron pitch focal plane array.   It also offers 12-bit images and wide dynamic range for image processing and transmission via EIA-170 and Camera Link digital output.

Contact: Martin H. Ettenberg at