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1 September 2006


JDSU's optical communications sales up just 4%, while losses continue to shrink

JDSU of Milpitas, CA, USA has reported net revenue of $1.204bn for fiscal 2006, up 69% on $712.2m in fiscal 2005. This includes $318.2m for its fiscal fourth quarter 2006 (to end-June), up 86% on $170.9m a year ago, helped by 25% growth in the Optical Communications business, but largely due to the addition of the Communications Test and Measurement segment (formerly Acterna) in August 2005.

By sector, fiscal Q4 revenues included: $133m (42% of total revenues) from Optical Communications (up 4% on last quarter and 25% on a year ago); $126.3m (39%) from Communications Test and Measurement (slightly down from
last quarter); $36.7m (12%) from Advanced Optical Technologies (down 10% on last quarter and 24% on a year ago, reflecting product phase outs); $22.6m (7%) from Commercial Lasers (up 10% on last quarter and 38% on a year ago).

By region, fiscal Q4 revenues comprised: Americas 61%; European 22% and Asia-Pacific 17%.

On a non-GAAP basis, net loss was reduced from $20.5m a year ago and $2.8m last quarter to $2.1m for fiscal Q4, and from $86.9m for fiscal 2005 to $23.8m for fiscal 2006.

"Year-over-year revenue growth and improved profitability metrics highlight JDSU's advancement towards a profitable and sustainable business model," says chief executive officer Kevin Kennedy. "We remain committed to further
execution of our improvement programs throughout fiscal 2007, while at the same time continuing our investment and innovation in the broadband and optics markets."

For fiscal Q1/2007 (to end-September 2006), JDSU expects revenue of $312-328m.

Visit: http://www.jdsu.com