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11 April 2008


Avago’s CSP technology yields smallest FETs for multiple wireless applications

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has announced what it claims is the industry’s smallest packaged field effect transistors (FETs). Measuring just 1.0mm x 0.5mm x 0.25mm, the low-profile discrete low-noise devices occupy less than 5% of the volume of a standard SOT-343 package.

The new VMMK-1218 and -1225 leverage Avago’s innovative chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology, which enables miniaturization of transistors with high-frequency operation and what is claimed to be superior thermal dissipation. The devices do not require a negative voltage for operation, resulting in lower costs and ease of use for RF designers.

The VMMK-1225 supports 0.5-26.5GHz frequency ranges with a noise figure of less than 0.95dB, and 12dB of available gain under 50 ohms conditions at 12GHz. It also offers 23dBm output third-order intercept and 8dBm output power. The VMMK-1218 operates at 0.5-18GHz with a noise figure of less than 0.85dB, and 9dB of available gain under 50 ohms conditions at 10GHz. It also offers 22dBm output third-order intercept and 12dBm output power.

The transistors’ size and performance suit wireless applications including commercial radios, UWB (ultra-wide band), radar, base stations, military communications, RF sensors, WiMAX, satellite communications or any DC-26GHz application requiring small-sized components.

Pricing for the VMMK-1218 and -1225 begin at $1.19 and $1.32, respectively, in 1000-9999 quantities.

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