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7 April 2008


Energomera acquires sapphire substrate maker Atlas PCF

Energomera Corporation of Russia, owner of sapphire substrate manufacturer Monocrystal, has acquired Atlas PCF of Belgorodskaya obl, Russia. Like Monocrystal, Atlas also manufactures sapphire substrates for HB-LED and RFIC applications.

“The acquisition of Atlas gives rise to the largest synthetic sapphire crystal growing and processing company in the world in terms of production capacity. This is a part of our strategy to develop stronger presence in compound semiconductor market” said Vladimir Polyakov, president and chairman of Energomera.

Martik Ovsepyan, general manager of Atlas, said: “For the last five years Atlas has been one of the most rapidly growing companies in sapphire business. Strong financial resources of Energomera enable us to ramp up our production capacities at even faster pace and to meet the increasing demand of LED, RFIC, optical and watch industries.”

“The sales channels of Monocrystal and Atlas do not overlap and we will be able to offer broader product range to the existing clientele as well as support new customers with strengthened production capacity and service” said Oleg Kachalov, Monocrystal’s VP sales and marketing.

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