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15 April 2008


Taiwan’s SuperNova orders Aixtron CCS CRIUS MOCVD system

Aixtron AG of Aachen, Germany has received an order for a Close Coupled Showerhead CRIUS epitaxy reactor (in the 31x2-inch wafer configuration) from SuperNova of Taoyuan, Taiwan for the development and manufacturing of gallium nitride-based high-brightness LEDs.

“SuperNova was one of the first users of the Close Coupled Showerhead technology in Taiwan and this additional tool will feature prominently in our expansion program,” says SuperNova’s chairman Chun-Tsao Huang. “Aixtron has given us unrivalled technical and process support so we look forward to a smooth and quick production ramp up,” he adds. “We will work very closely together with the Aixtron team, which will result in our strategic expansion proceeding on schedule.”

Taiwan is one of Aixtron’s most important markets, with over two dozen clients, most with multiple tools.

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