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11 August 2008


Nitronex awarded Phase II STTR grant to enhance GaN-on-Si HEMTs

Nitronex of Durham, NC, USA, which manufactures RF power transistors for the commercial wireless infrastructure, broadband and military markets, has received Phase II small business technology transfer (STTR) funding from the US Department of Defense (DoD) to further develop its gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology for military and aerospace applications. 

The two-year Phase II STTR program began in first-quarter 2008. The primary objective is to deliver high-power X-band GaN monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) that address ballistic missile defense radar needs of the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

Nitronex is working with the MDA to advance its GaN-on-silicon HEMT and MMIC manufacturing infrastructure and to broaden the operating frequency range of its RF power discrete devices and MMICs for both commercial and military applications, says the firm’s director of advanced technology, Edwin Piner. “The program's high-power X-band GaN-on-Si MMICs will enable X-band radar with increased performance capability, reduced size, weight and power consumption (SWAP) while simultaneously leveraging the inherent affordability and reliability of our technology,” he adds.

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