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21 August 2008


Luxtaltek orders Obducat NIL systems for PhC LED mass production

Obducat AB of Malmö, Sweden, which supplies nano-imprint lithography (NIL) and electron-beam lithography systems, has received an order from Luxtaltek Corp of Taipei, Taiwan worth SEK22.5m ($3.5m) for the mass production of photonic-crystal LEDs. The order includes a Sindre 60 NIL tool with a throughput of 12 wafers per hour (to be delivered in September) and a fully automated Sindre 400 NIL tool with a throughput of 30 wafers per hour for 2-4” wafers (to be delivered by end of Q1/2009). Obducat will also supply consumables used in the NIL systems over the next 3-5 years in a deal worth up to SEK80m ($12.5m).

LuxtalTek was founded earlier this year by Taiwanese LED makers Uni-light Touchtek Corp and Taiwan Oasis Technology Corp, and has so far secured more than $10m in funding. In April, LuxtalTek acquired the photonic-crystal intellectual property of Mesophotonics Ltd (a spin-off from the University of Southampton, UK). President and photonic crystals expert Dr Sean Lin is leading a team specializing in III-V materials and nano-fabrication working on the commercialization of photonic-crystal (PhC) LEDs.

Luxtaltek aims to provide PhC wafer patterning services and customized PhC LED chips and modules, beginning production of gallium nitride (GaN) based PhC LED wafers in Q4/2008. The firm plans to set up eight production lines with the capacity to process 200,000 PhC LED wafers/month by the end of 2010.

“With their strong IP-portfolio within optoelectronics and their aggressive market approach, we expect to see a quick growth of Luxtaltek and consequently we foresee additional orders regarding mass-production equipment,” says Obducat CEO Patrik Lundström.

“We are very pleased to get the commitment from Obducat to fully support the Luxtaltek production expansion plan for the next two years, which involves another five Sindre 400 systems and several Sindre 60 systems,” says Luxtaltek’s president Dr Sean Lin.

“This is a highly interesting market with a potential for NIL equipment in the range of €100m [$150m] over the next five years, and we are very well positioned to capture a significant part of this,” says Lundström.

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