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27 August 2008


M/A-COM introduces DC-3.5GHz SP3T switch for WLAN and Bluetooth markets

Tyco Electronics M/A-COM of Lowell, MA, USA has announced the MASW-008955, a DC-3.5GHz SP3T switch for applications requiring high linearity, low insertion loss, and fast settling time over a wide frequency range in an ultra-small package size.

“Typical applications for this product include filter and antenna switching in WLAN or Bluetooth systems that connect separate receive functions to a common antenna,” says Tom Galluccio. “The switching time required from the software/baseband to the output power at the antenna can vary widely from application to application. The part can be used in all systems operating up to 3.5GHz requiring low control voltage,” he adds.

The MASW-008955 is fabricated on a 0.5-micron gate-length GaAs process with full passivation added for robust reliability, which is achieved in a miniature 2mm 8-lead PDFN package. Each MASW-008955 switch is 100% RF tested.

The switch is priced at $0.24 for quantities of 100,000.

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