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4 August 2008


Veeco launches ultra-flexible automated R&D MBE system

Veeco Instruments Inc of St. Paul, MN, USA has added to its family of cluster tool molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems with the launch of the GEN10, an ultra-flexible, automated and upgradeable R&D MBE system that is capable of processing devices with incompatible materials.

The GEN10 can epitaxially deposit on single 1", 2" and 3" wafers and incorporates Veeco's proven automated cluster tool wafer transfer system. The firm says that the modular platform allows for easy maintenance and offers an economical upgrade path to add growth modules over time, up to a maximum of three. 

"The GEN10 provides our customers with a direct process path from R&D to our larger production MBE systems," says Jeffrey Hohn, VP and general manager, Veeco MBE Operations. The new platform's design architecture and options fill an unmet need within the MBE industry, suiting today's challenging devices, he adds.

"The GEN10's multiple growth modules provide the flexibility for incompatible material processing, for a range of applications such as nitrides or oxides, or allow multiple research projects to be performed simultaneously, for a much lower overall capital cost," Hohn concludes.

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