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11 December 2008


Microsemi’s SiC RF power devices for VHF and UHF radar win award

Microsemi Corp of Irvine, CA, USA, which manufactures analog/mixed signal ICs and high-reliability semiconductors (using silicon and GaAs), says that its first two RF power transistors using silicon carbide technology for high-power VHF- and UHF-band pulsed radar applications (launched in early October) have been recognized by the editors of Electronic Design magazine as a 'best in 2008' design in their annual product awards issue.

The 0150SC-1250M and 0405SC-1000M are the first parts in a series of SiC RF power transistors that Microsemi is bringing to the market, using a new production capability. Microsemi aims to develop additional high-power SiC devices for applications ranging from HF through to S-band radar applications.

Microsemi claims that the new transistors deliver the industry’s highest peak power in compact packages - advantages that SiC technology brings to applications in avionics, radar, and electronic warfare.

The two SiC-based products use new Microsemi chip design and processing enhancements to offer high power as well as small transistor and circuit size over the specified frequency range with a 300 microsecond pulse width and 10% duty cycle.

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