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8 December 2008


Santur ships 200,000th widely tunable laser

Santur Corp of Fremont, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of tunable lasers for metro and long-haul wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) telecoms systems, has shipped its 200,000th tunable laser.

Santur, which is focused on providing devices based on indium phosphide, took about 7 years to ship its first 100,000 devices but only one further year to ship the second 100,000. The ramp attests to the pivotal role played by Santur’s unique design and manufacturing capabilities to support the ubiquitous adoption of tunable lasers in metro and long-haul networks worldwide, the firm claims. Santur’s devices have now accumulated over a billion hours of reliable operation in the field.

“At Santur, we are proud of our continued partnership with our customers,” says CEO Paul Meissner. “This milestone attests to their trust in our ability to respond to their rapid increase in demand with a highly scalable product,” he adds.

Santur claims that it has extended its market share through the design of its distributed feedback (DFB) laser array platform, which enables a high level of integration of various functions (including modulators and amplifiers) in a single indium phosphide device.

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