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26 February 2008


Emcore enhances 1550nm transmitters and fiber amplifiers

Emcore Corp of Albuquerque, NM, which makes components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber-optic and solar power markets, has announced new features for its 1550nm broadband transmitter and optical amplifier product lines. To support the requirements for extended bandwidth CATV systems and RF overlay for PON networks, the new products offer 1GHz RF performance, dual hot-swappable power supplies and SNMP management capabilities.

Emcore’s new Medallion 5000 series of externally modulated transmitters offer a 45-1003MHz RF passband with user-adjustable SBS (stimulated Brillouin Scattering) suppression capabilities and transmitter output power of +11dBm. Available with wavelength-select lasers that operate on the ITU grid and capable of supporting optical launch powers of up to +22dBm directly into the fiber when used with an Emcore optical amplifier, the Medallion 5000 series delivers high-quality analog and digital data over distances of up to 100km, the firm says. Also, the extension of operational bandwidth to 1GHz allows network operators to future-proof their network to support expanding choices of standard digital and high-definition video content.

The new PONA 2200 and PONA 3200 series optical amplifiers provide optical output power from +14 dBm to +35dBm over the entire C-band. PONA 2200 amplifiers are 1 RU (rack unit), and are available with optical outputs of +14 dBm to +27dBm. PONA 3200 amplifiers are 2 RU and provide +27 dBm to +35dBm optical output power. Multiple optical output configurations are available, with up to 32 output ports for the PONA 3200 high-power amplifier allowing highly flexible and customizable network designs, with significant cost per watt savings for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) ‘blast and split’ architectures.

“These new transmitters and optical amplifiers are ideal for extending traditional CATV systems such as head-end consolidation and broadcast transport,” says Christopher Larocca, VP and general manager of Emcore Broadband. “Additionally, new FTTH projects in countries around the world are representing a significant and growing market opportunity. In North America alone, an estimated 10 million homes are now passed with fiber, and global FTTH connections will grow from 20 million homes in 2007 to as many as 90 million homes by 2012,” he adds. “Network providers are demanding high-quality and economical delivery of video to their customers, while extending capacity and improving network management intelligence. The enhanced features, and cost-effective designs leveraged from Emcore’s long-established experience in 1550nm transmitter and EDFA technology exceeds the demanding needs of today’s networks,” he claims.

Demonstration units will be available in second-quarter 2008.

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