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21 February 2008


Oki Optical Components and Kotura partner on silicon photonics

Oki Optical Components (OOC) of Sunnyvale, CA, which makes components for Ethernet and telecom equipment, is partnering with Kotura Inc of Monterey Park, CA, to develop new products using Kotura’s silicon photonic platform.

Kotura has been in mass production of application-specific silicon photonic components for more than three years (deployed in commercial applications in communications, computing, sensing, and detection). Kotura also has a two-year supply agreement with Alcatel-Lucent for its ultra-fast variable optical attenuator (VOA) arrays.

“Oki is a leader in 40Gb/s and 10Gb/s optical as well as GaAs/InP analog IC components,” says Kotura’s CEO Jean-Louis Malinge. “They have an excellent reputation with their customers. Our relationship will expand business for both of our companies,” he adds.

Later this year, OOC plans to introduce a 10Gb/s avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver with an integrated VOA for metro applications. The silicon photonics VOA, which has the fastest response time in the industry, it is claimed, enables the receiver to support a wide range of new applications.

Kotura raises $10m and makes silicon photonics pioneer Rickman chairman

Earlier in February, Kotura raised $10m in a Series III round of funding, led by silicon photonics pioneer Dr Andrew Rickman OBE (co-founder of optical component maker Bookham Inc) and joined by all of Kotura’s existing investors (ARCH Venture Partners, ComVentures, GF Private Equity LLC, Rockley Ventures, and Viterbi Group LLC).

Kotura also appointed Rickman as chairman of the board of directors. “I am extremely pleased to be expanding my involvement with Kotura as chairman and as a significant investor,” says Rickman. “The Kotura team is world class and very experienced in silicon photonics,” he adds. “The company’s manufacturing process is under-pinned by two decades of development and an extensive patent portfolio. Kotura has the relationships with both customers and application partners for significant scaling of output.”

“With this new round of financing and Andrew’s appointment as chairman, Kotura is well positioned to exploit the new business opportunities in silicon photonics,” added president and CEO Jean-Louis Malinge.

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