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21 February 2008


QPC awarded patent combating self-focusing in high-power lasers

QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA, which designs and manufactures high-power lasers for the consumer, industrial, defense, and medical markets, has been granted US Patent 7269195 ‘Laser Diode With an Amplification Section That has a Varying Index of Refraction’.

The new patent protects a concept unique to QPC for combating the self-focusing phenomenon found in other high-power laser diodes, the firm says. Self-focusing causes conventionally designed laser diodes to produce poor-quality beams when operated at high power.

“This new patent further expands the protection of our intellectual property portfolio to cover new technologies in areas relevant to important new product developments,” says president and CEO Jeff Ungar. The firm now holds seven issued patents and has nine patents pending.

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