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9 January 2008


QPC wins $1.3m in new orders for BrightLase Ultra Lasers

QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA says it has received $1.3m in new orders for its BrightLase Ultra Lasers for use in medical applications.

The two new orders come less than a month after the launch of the BrightLase Ultra product line. Shipping began in December and is due to be completed by the end of 2008.

"We continue to see strong customer interest in our new Ultra Lasers, particularly for surgical laser applications such as the treatment of cancerous tumors, benign prostrate hyperplasia, and cardiology where they show great promise because of the laser's ability to rapidly and precisely remove tissue in a sterile and minimally invasive fashion," said Paul Rudy, VP of marketing and sales for QPC.

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