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26 September 2007


QPC’s first Gen III laser ships to US medical customer

QPC Lasers Inc of Los Angeles suburb Sylmar, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-power semiconductor lasers for industrial, defense, and medical markets, has shipped its first laser in its Generation III product family, a 100 Watt laser, to a medical customer in the US for a surgical application.

The initial shipment of the 100W laser marks the inauguration of the firm’s Generation III product line, which uses the firm’s proprietary BrightLase semiconductor laser technology and which QPC believes could replace conventional solid-state and gas laser technology with more efficient, rugged, and cost-effective semiconductor-based solutions.

“These Gen III lasers provide more than twice the power than our Gen I and Gen II products, while offering reduced size, weight and cost compared to traditional laser technology,” claims CEO Jeffrey Ungar. “We look forward to continuing the roll out of higher-powered additions to this product line and anticipate growth in the medical, defense, and industrial markets for these Gen III products in 2008,” he adds.

QPC says that the 100W Generation III laser suits surgical laser applications such as urology or cardiology that require high-power laser beams to be delivered with high-brightness in small-diameter optical fiber in order to reach locations inside the body in a minimally invasive fashion. QPC’s BrightLase semiconductor lasers offer a compact, reduced-cost solution with wavelength flexibility, offering medical users the ability to optimize treatment wavelengths. Traditionally, higher-cost, multi-stage lasers such as lamp-pumped or diode-pumped systems have been used for these applications.

Defense applications of Gen III include laser engines for widely deployable directed-energy weapons based on direct diode or fiber laser technology. Gen III products are also being designed for high-power industrial applications, including materials processing, welding, marking, and engraving.

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