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17 December 2007


QPC launches Ultra-500 high power laser product family

QPC Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA has launched its Ultra-500 product family of high brightness lasers, offering up to 425 Watts of power for medical surgical, high power defense, and industrial micro-welding applications.

"We have seen strong market demand for the Ultra-500 in both the near-infrared and eye-safe wavelength regime, and have received multiple orders from both US and international customers," stated Paul Rudy, VP of marketing and sales for QPC. "The Ultra-500 expands our high brightness laser product line to offer more than 400 Watts from a compact module, and addresses numerous power-hungry applications in the industrial, defense, and medical surgical markets. Shipment of BrightLock Ultra-500 lasers began last month to defense customers, and shipment of BrightLase Ultra-500 commenced earlier this month to medical customers," he added.

QPC says that the Ultra-500 laser family offers high power delivered in a narrow core diameter fiber at application specific wavelengths. For medical customers, the BrightLase Ultra-500 features a compact, easy-to-use source for eye-safe wavelengths targeting high water absorption peaks for precise surgical applications such as cancerous tumor treatment, benign prostrate hyperplasia, and emerging applications in cardiology. For industrial customers, the BrightLase Ultra-500 provides over 400 Watts at near infrared wavelengths for laser micro-welding, engraving and marking applications. For defense customers, the BrightLock Ultra-500 is a high performance laser pump engine, featuring up to 180 Watts in a compact, lightweight footprint with a narrow stable emission spectrum designed for solid state and fiber laser systems. The BrightLase Ultra-500£ Lasers deliver up to 425 Watts from 200, 400, and 800 micron fibers and are available at wavelengths including 792, 808, 976, 1064, 1320, and 1470 nm.

BrightLock Ultra-500 Lasers deliver up to 180 Watts and feature on-chip internal grating wavelength stabilization at 976 and 1532 nm from a 200 and 400 micron fiber. The Ultra-500 is the highest power product in QPC's Ultra product line that features QPC's BrightLase and BrightLock proprietary advanced semiconductor laser technologies to deliver a high brightness laser beam from a compact, efficient, conduction cooled, rugged source available over a broad wavelength range.

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