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30 January 2008


BluGlass CEO Jordan steps down, but continues as advisor

BluGlass Ltd of Sydney, Australia, which is developing low-cost GaN-on-glass blue LED technology, says that CEO David Jordan has resigned slightly ahead of his contract expiry in mid-2008, citing personal reasons.

Jordan has agreed to continue to act in an advisory role to assist the firm in expanding its commercial and strategic activities, construction of the manufacturing demonstration plant and the design, build and commissioning of the commercial and research reactors, due in late first-quarter 2008. Jordan will also continue as a director in a non-executive role.

During Jordan’s tenure, BluGlass transitioned from spinning off from Macquarie University in mid-2005 to listing on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) in September 2006. Collaborations were established with leading players in the semiconductor manufacturing industry to enable the commercial demonstration of the BluGlass technology.

The executive and technology teams were also strengthened to add support to technology development and commercial equipment design, and to focus on health & safety issues and business development.

BluGlass also created the world’s first blue LED on glass, demonstrated the technology’s cost savings and scalability, secured an AusIndustry support grant of AUS$5m (US$4.3m), and put into action a plan to deliver BluGlass’ proprietary manufacturing process.

"David has made an invaluable contribution in taking BluGlass from R&D to pre-commercialization,” says Dr Michael Taverner, BluGlass’ chairman. “This solid foundation he has built will enable a new CEO to take the company to its next level of development and revenue generation.”

Taverner has initiated a global executive search for a new CEO. In the interim, Giles Bourne (recruited last July as commercial manager) will be CEO. “Bourne is well positioned to drive Bluglass’ commercial and strategic activities over the coming months,” says Taverner. Bourne is a specialist in developing offshore business opportunities for Australian corporations, he adds. “He has over 12 years experience working with multinationals and SMEs [small and medium enterprises] in Australia and overseas, focussing on growing businesses through securing inward investment, setting up domestic and international partnerships, joint ventures and licensing deals.”

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