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7 July 2008


QPC completes development phase of $12m laser TV contract

QPC Lasers Inc of Los Angeles suburb Sylmar, CA, USA says that it has met the performance milestones for all three colors (red, green and blue) in connection with its $12m laser TV contract with a major Asian manufacturer of consumer electronics (announced last November), hence completing the $1m technology development phase of the contract. An exclusive supply relationship involves an $11m purchase order to be delivered over the next three years, and carries a potential value of up to $230m over 10 years.

Previously, in September, QPC demonstrated its green laser, based on frequency doubling of its proprietary BrightLase single-mode lasers, which produce single-frequency output powers exceeding 9 Watts continuous wave with peak conversion efficiencies of more than 50%.

“QPC is enabling a new generation of lower-cost and dramatically improved high-definition large-screen televisions by replacing today’s poor-quality light sources with our bright, power-efficient, cost-effective and ultra-compact lasers,” says co-founder and CEO Dr Jeffrey Ungar. “Utilizing QPC’s unique laser technology instead of LEDs, OLEDs and other poor-quality and inefficient light beam sources, consumers will see a broader visible color spectrum and a sharper, brighter, more vivid image than today’s LCD or plasmas can offer,” he claims.

Ungar adds that, as well as TVs, a variety of projection displays are in position to benefit from QPC’s laser light sources, including portable projectors for cell phones and laptops, home and commercial theatre, as well as three-dimensional applications (for which QPC announced a $3.5m contract last week).

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