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17 June 2008


Nitronex launches online resource about using and evaluating GaN technology

Nitronex of Durham, NC, USA has launched an initiative to educate the industry regarding the use of gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) RF power device technology.

The firm’s new online GaN Essentials education center aims to provide a better understanding of how to evaluate performance of, and design with, GaN in RF power applications.

“Our engineering, marketing and sales teams receive many inquiries concerning our GaN technology. We took the most common questions and developed a set of application notes that answer them,” says director of marketing Ray Crampton. “Evaluating and designing with a new technology can raise new questions and pose new challenges. The GaN Essentials collection is part of our efforts to make designing with GaN as easy as possible,” he adds. “We will continue to develop application notes and update the GaN Essentials education center to address the industry’s questions.”

The online resource initially discusses the following topics:

  • comparison of LDMOS and GaN for RF power amplifiers and basic concepts and approximations used for LDMOS with the equivalent information for GaN products;
  • comparisons of substrates used for GaN RF devices, since the choice of substrate affects affordability, availability, reliability and performance;
  • thermal design data and simulations for GaN technology in plastic and ceramic air-cavity packages;
  • proper biasing, sequencing, and temperature compensation of GaN HEMTs;
  • broadband design, methodology and performance of RF power amplifiers using GaN technology.

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