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26 June 2008


XenICs establishes Singapore-based sInfraRed

Maker of infrared detectors and cameras, XenICs of Leuven, Belgium has established Singapore-based sInfraRed Pte Ltd. Wholly owned by XenICs, the new company will provide marketing, sales and support as well as volume production and customization of XenICs' full range of products in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Heading sInfrared will be Raf Vandersmissen, who is already a member of XenICs’ team in Leuven.

XenICs says that it established sInfraRed partly as a consequence of the strong Euro, which led the company to explore alternative locations for the low-cost production of large-volumes of advanced cameras and infrared detectors.

"With this geo-strategic expansion," says Bob Grietens, founder and CEO of XenICs, "we combine XenICs' flexibility in terms of advanced product devel­opment and state-of-the-art product performance with substantial price reductions in volume markets. We can also secure supplying worldwide mar­kets that are better served locally than from our European home base."

Picture: Bob Grietens

Key technology developments will remain in Leuven, where the company will focus on higher resolution, improved InGaAs technology, better performance, and special features.

XenICs offers a broad range of standard products, specialized detector solutions, and electro-optic instrumentation. The firm manufactures detector arrays and digital cameras, both line-scan and 2D, from below 1 μm up to 14 μm. XenICs’ technology is based on high-end, cooled, as well as volume-oriented, uncooled InGaAs and InSb arrays or MCT-based devices, and also on bolometer-based products. Uncooled bolometer products, says Grietens, are set to capture thermal imaging and thermo­graphy applications in commercial, industrial, medical, security-related and scientific markets.

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