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18 March 2008


Intense launches 793nm laser for thulium fiber pumps

Intense Ltd of Glasgow, UK has launched its Series 8000 793-MFP (mini fiber package) high-power, fiber-coupled diode laser, which delivers up to 3W of continuous-wave (CW) output power from a fiber with a core of 100µm in diameter and a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.22 at a wavelength of 793nm. It is also available in a free-space package with 4W ex-facet.

The lasers are designed using the firm’s patented epitaxial growth and wafer processing technologies, including asymmetric waveguides, which increase the laser’s brightness and reliability. This makes them suitable for use in next-generation, eye-safe thulium-doped fiber-pumping applications, where enhanced power and beam quality are required.

Thulium fiber lasers are used in defense and aerospace applications such as LIDAR and direct infrared countermeasures. They can also be used as replacements for existing diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) technology in medical applications. In addition to their eye-safe characteristics, thulium fiber lasers offer the added benefits of smaller size, more efficient operation, and the ability to make more precise surgical incisions.

“Our goal is to deliver the highest levels of power and reliability to the next-generation of fiber lasers,” says Kevin Laughlin, VP HPL global business development. “Series 8000 lasers provide high power and reliability, and a compact design, making them a superior pump alternative to expensive, fiber-coupled bar packages,” he claims. “In addition to the eye-safe aspects, thulium fiber lasers also provide a variety of unique processing benefits for medical and industrial applications in comparison to DPSS and Yb [ytterbium] fiber sources.”

The Series 8000 793-MFP lasers are also available in custom packaging to match OEM system requirements.

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