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19 July 2007


Intense launches high-power, single-mode 830nm diode lasers

Intense Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland, UK has launched the HPD6020 single-emitter laser diode, a member of its HPD Series 6000 high-power, single-mode laser diode product family that emits at wavelengths of 830nm +/-5nm with high beam quality and up to 200mW of output power.

“The HPD6020 is the first in a series of new, high-power products resulting from the recent merger of Intense Ltd and High Power Devices (now Intense-HPD) [acquired in February],” says Intense’s CEO Scott Christie. “Combining the strengths of Intense's patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology and Intense-HPD's lean, high-volume manufacturing processes enables us to deliver innovative laser products with unrivalled levels of power, brightness, and reliability,” he claims.

The QWI process increases a laser’s quantum well bandgap in a controlled and highly precise manner, such that active and passive sections can be created in the same laser cavity. Passive non-absorbing mirrors (NAMs) are created at the facet regions of the cavities to avoid catastrophic optical mirror damage (COMD), a problem frequently encountered in typical laser devices. The result is a laser that can operate at high optical power and brightness with high reliability (with data in excess of 11 million operating hours).

The HPD6020 therefore provides the increased power, efficiency, and optical quality needed for demanding new defense, medical, and print & imaging applications (including targeting, sighting, medical imaging and computer-to-plate), the firm claims.

Picture: HPD6020 high-power, single-mode laser diodes.

The lasers are available in standard packages including 5.6MM, 9MM and C-mount. Monitor photodiodes are optionally available on the 5.6MM and 9MM packages.

Prices start at $200. Custom wavelengths are available for OEM applications.

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