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26 March 2008


Mimix adds XL1010-QT GaAs MMIC LNA to range

Mimix Broadband Inc of Houston, TX, USA has introduced its XL1010-QT GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier (LNA), which is offered in an RoHS compliant, standard 3x3-millimeter QFN plastic package. Covering the 20 to 38 GHz range, the LNA delivers 3 dB noise figure and 17 dB small signal gain, making it suitable for multiple receiver applications, says the company. It also includes on-chip ESD protection structures and DC by-pass capacitors to ease implementation and volume assembly.

"The XL1010-QT is unique because it offers high frequency, broadband performance in a fully molded QFN package," said Paul Beasly, product manager, Mimix Broadband. "The device is also fully matched and requires only a single, positive bias supply, making it an ideal low-cost solution for a wide-range of applications."

Samples are available from stock, along with production quantities in six to eight weeks.

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