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30 May 2008


Anadigics introduces ACA2420 power doubler line amplifier

Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has introduced its ACA2420 power doubler line amplifier, a high output power device designed to ensure optimal video and data delivery in deep fiber HFC architectures and other cable TV deployments that minimize the use of cascaded system amplifiers.

“Cable operators are improving the customer experience with a migration to deep fiber node scenarios, whereby the number of subscribers on each node is reduced, thus increasing the available bandwidth for high definition TV, interactive gaming, and video-on-demand,” says Ron Michels, senior vice president and general manager of Anadigics’ Broadband Business. “The ACA2420 combines high output power with low distortion to meet the stringent demands of next generation 1GHz fiber-deep nodes and system amplifiers.”

The ACA2420 supports high output power levels (+58dBmV/ch.) up to 1GHz. Signal integrity is assured by the ACA2420’s high crash point, which allows the device to maintain low carrier-to-intermodulation noise (CIN), composite triple beat (CTB), and composite second order (CSO) distortion.

Available in a 16-pin surface mount package, the ACA2420 consists of two parallel amplifiers with low distortion and low noise figure that are optimized for use in a balanced configuration.  The device provides 21.5dB of RF gain and a superior gain flatness of +/- 0.2dB, operating from a single 24VDC power supply.

The ACA2420 is available at $24.28 in quantities of 1000 units.  

Anadigics ships production volumes of its AWT6277 WCDMA PA to LG

Anadigics also announced that it is shipping production volumes of its AWT6277 WCDMA power amplifier (PA) modules to LG Electronics for use in the new LG Viewty (LG-KU990), a camera phone currently available in the UK.

Features of the Viewty camera phone include 5.0 mega pixel resolution, auto and manual focus, image stabilization and a handwriting editing function. The video camera can take video at up to 120 frames per second.  With just one click, users can upload a recorded video directly to Google’s YouTube. The 3.0 inch full touch screen offers high quality DivX video files in wide screen format.

"We are very pleased that LG Electronics has chosen our AWT6277 PA module for their cutting-edge LG Viewty 3G camera phone,” said Dr Bami Bastani, president & CEO of Anadigics.

Designed to meet the needs of feature rich mobile handsets, the AWT6277 HELP WCDMA PA includes HELP technology which reduces WCDMA average power consumption by 50%, says the firm. Combined with low leakage current in shutdown mode, the AWT6277 PA delivers longer battery life and additional talk-time-two key metrics for mobile handset designers.

The 4 mm x 4 mm x 1.1 mm surface-mount PA incorporates matching networks optimized for output power, efficiency, and linearity in a 50 Ω system. The AWT6277 is enabled by the firm’s patented InGaP-Plus HBT technology, which combines InGaP HBT & pHEMT devices on the same die.

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