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5 May 2008


High-linearity 1W and 2W amplifiers for WiMAX and next-generation cellular networks

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has launched 1W and 2W families of high-linearity power amplifiers with high power added efficiency (PAE), designed for next-generation cellular and WiMAX infrastructure applications.

Designed to support cellular (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA) and WiMAX frequencies from 750MHz to 3.9GHz, the ALM-31x22 family of 1W base-station power amplifiers has built-in active bias circuitry and requires no RF matching components, simplifying product design and shortens time to market. Housed in a miniature 5mm x 6mm x 1.1mm 22-pin molded chip-on-board package, the ALM-31x22 suits compact pico- or femto-cell base-station applications.

At typical biasing conditions and current consumption of 5V and 400mA, the ALM-31122 delivers 31.6dBm of output power (P1dB), 47.6dBm of third-order intercept point (OIP3) and 15.6dB gain at 900MHz, the ALM-31222 delivers 31.5dBm P1dB, 47.9dBm OIP3 and 14.9dB gain at 2GHz; and the ALM-31322 delivers 31dBm P1dB, 47.7dBm OIP3 and 13.2dB gain at 3.5GHz.

The ALM-32x22 family of of 2W power amplifiers, beginning with the ALM-32220, also has built-in active bias and require no RF matching components. Built to optimally support 1.7-2.7GHz applications, the 800mA current consumption for the ALM-32220 delivers 34.4dBm of output power (P1dB), 50dBm of OIP3 and 14.8dB gain at 2GHz. It is housed in a miniature 7mm x 10mm x 1.1mm 20-pin molded-chip-on-board package. Also, to be introduced in June, the ALM-32120 supports frequencies from 750MHz to 1GHz and the ALM-32320 is optimized for 3.3-3.9GHz.

In 1000-10,000 quantities, pricing for the 1W ALM-31x22 begins at $3.75; pricing for the 2W ALM-32220 begins at $7.19.

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