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28 May 2008


Cree and Toyoda Gosei reach LED patent agreement

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA and Toyoda Gosei of Aichi, Japan have entered into an agreement providing the companies (including wholly owned affiliates) with access to each other’s patented LED chip and packaged LED technology (including white LED technology). The firms have also agreed to discuss ‘have made’ rights for LED chips in the future.

Cree and Toyoda Gosei both hold broad and substantial optoelectronic patent portfolios. The agreement will make it easier for both firms to develop and manufacture LED products without concern for the other’s patents.

“Cree and Toyoda Gosei are responsible companies that respect the intellectual property rights of others and strive to enhance the development of LED technology,” says Chris James, Cree’s VP of marketing and business development. “The agreement highlights the importance of intellectual property in the LED marketplace and helps to alleviate the IP concerns of LED customers.”

Other terms of the patent agreement were not disclosed but are not expected to have any material financial effect on either party.

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