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13 May 2008


Intense launches high-power 808nm single-mode diodes for green laser pumping

Laser manufacturer Intense Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland, UK has announced the Series 6020-808 high-power 808nm single-mode laser diodes for green laser pumping.

With high beam quality up to 200mW of output power, they provide high brightness with low astigmatism and a Gaussian far field, the firm says. Designed for pumping a variety of solid-state lasers (including vanadate, YLF, and Nd:YAG), the new diodes allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to directly couple their output to the crystal.

Vanadate is used to design green lasers, a key component in the manufacture of RGB display sources, handheld picoprojectors, scientific instruments, including interferometers, and precision machining. Diode-pumped green lasers are also used for targeting in defense applications and for spectroscopic applications in the medical field.

Part of Intense’s Series 6000 family of single-mode lasers, the Series 6020-808 diodes are based on the firm’s patented quantum well intermixing (QWI) technology, which increases the brightness and reliability of laser diodes while avoiding the usual problems associated with catastrophic optical mirror damage, it is claimed. The diodes offer high electrical conversion efficiency at operating temperatures of 25-50ºC.

The lasers are available in a selection of free-space packages, including 9mm, C-mount, and TO3. Custom packaging and wavelengths are available on request.

“The Series 6020-808 single-mode laser pumps provide OEMs with the optical tools they need to develop products with lower costs, higher efficiencies, and longer lifetimes,” says Kevin Laughlin, VP HPL global business development. “The Series 6020 allows OEMs to design products with powerful yet significantly less complex optical systems. Reduced component counts mean lower system costs,” he adds. “These QWI-enabled Series 6020 also provide higher conversion efficiencies and longer lifetimes, especially when compared to higher-power multimode devices.”

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