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20 May 2008


JPSA enhances laser-based automated wafer processing systems

At July’s Semicon West 2008 show in San Francisco, CA, J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) of Manchester, NH, USA will supplement its IX-4000 series of high-throughput, high-speed Class 1 laser-based workstations with two new systems: the IX-4100 ChromaDice and IX-4600 CromAblate. Both are designed for automated wafer processing with the ability to handle up to 300mm wafers.

Based on the IX-210 and IX-260 systems, the 4100 and 4600 feature automation and capability enhancements. In addition to 300mm wafer processing, these include automatic wafer loading, an integrated automated coating/cleaning station, and a vision system for automatic wafer alignment.

The IX-4100 ChromaDice is designed for wafer singulation applications, and employs UV energy from a diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser in a fast, low-stress method of wafer scribing that minimizes chip breakage after cutting (for higher yields), with kerfs as narrow as 2.5 microns and minimal debris generation in a vibration-free process.

The IX-4600 ChromAblate is a UV excimer-based laser system suited to applications including LED production, selective wafer annealing, micro-drilling, thin-film patterning, and 3D micromachining. It uses proprietary UV laser technology to produce high-brightness LEDs through a patented lift-off method that dramatically reduces the time and cost of the fabrication process as well as enabling manufacturers to grow vertical design LED devices that provide the highest light output.

JPSA says that its IX-4000 series systems are designed and optimized for demanding 24/7 high-volume production but still have high accuracy. The IX-4600 ChromAblate can micromachine features to 2 microns or be configured for large-area exposure of up to 5mm x 5mm. The systems feature dual-cassette load ports, production-grade robotics, and other robust features characterizing industrial-grade systems. They are also compact, modular, fully automated and versatile, with large work areas and full accessibility.

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