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14 May 2008


QPC to demo mini RGB laser for portable projector displays

At next week’s Society of Information (SID) Display Week 2008 in Los Angeles, CA (18-23 May), QPC Lasers Inc, which manufactures high-power lasers for the consumer electronics, industrial, defense, and medical markets, is to give invitation-only demonstrations of its prototype BrightLase red-green-blue (RGB) laser, which is designed for high-resolution miniature projectors with output in the 100 lumen range for portable handheld consumer electronics.

The fully integrated RBG laser offers an expanded color gamut, low power consumption, an ultra-compact footprint, and is designed for low-cost high-volume manufacture, says the firm. QPC offers visible laser technologies designed to be compatible with the micro-display technology including LCOS, scanning micro-mirrors, DLP and LCD.

“Advances in electronics technology provide hand-held consumer products such as PDAs with incredible computing and communications power,” says Dr Jeffrey Ungar, president and CEO. “Unfortunately, the small size and poor resolution of typical 2-inch display screens makes their use for applications such as Internet browsing, games and video sharing a frustrating experience,” he adds.

“Mating consumer electronics with powerful projectors powered by compact, powerful red-green-blue lasers offers a way around this bottleneck,” says Ungar. QPC reckons that the brightness, efficiency, compactness and low cost of its BrightLase technology to can provide advantages in displays for PDAs, games, laptops, automobiles, and aircraft.

Last November, QPC announced an exclusive $12m laser TV development and production contract for RGB BrightLase lasers for use in DLP and LCOS. Previously, in September, it had demonstrated its green laser, based on frequency doubling of its proprietary BrightLase single-mode laser technology.

For information on attending a demonstration of the BrightLase RGB laser at Display Week 2008, send requests and appropriate credentials to

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