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18 November 2008


Avago adds brighter cool-white and warm-white half-watt SMT LEDs for automotive and electronic sign applications

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has added to its series of super half-watt (0.5W) power PLCC-4 surface-mount (SMT) LEDs for automotive and electronic sign applications with new brighter cool-white and warm-white colors, enabling the firm to offer a full range of colors. Luminous efficiency is a high 48lm/W for the cool-white LED (ASMT-QWBB) and 43lm/W for the warm-white LED (ASMT-QYBB), adding to the existing 40lm/W cool-white (ASMT-QWBE) and 33lm/W warm-white (ASMT-QYBE) LEDs.

Like the existing ASMT-QxBE series, the new ASMT-QxBB power LED series also features what Avago claims is the industry’s smallest package size and a wide 120º viewing angle, and has been optimized for long operating life under severe environmental conditions. The high-brightness LEDs have been designed to dissipate heat more efficiently in order to provide better thermal management and consistent light output. The junction temperature is a high 125ºC, the thermal resistance is a low 60ºC/W junction to pin, and the operating temperature range is –40ºC to +110ºC.

The LEDs can be used for backlighting dashboards, dome and map lighting, puddle lamps, rear reverse lamp indicator lighting and license plate illumination in automotive applications. The ASMT-QxBB series can also be used for decorative lighting, channel lettering in ESS applications, and for backlighting instrument panels and displays in industrial equipment, office automation and home appliance applications. Moreover, the high brightness output per LED and small package footprint (3.2mm x 2.8mm x 1.9mm) of the 0.5W power LED series provide lighting designers with greater flexibility in designing the size, shape and appearance of lighting assemblies, the firm claims.

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