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28 October 2008


AWR and UMS introduce GaAs MMIC design incentive program

Applied Wave Research Inc (AWR) of El Segundo, CA, USA and United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) of Orsay, France have introduced "Try the Power”, an incentive program providing new customers with the opportunity to bring GaAs MMIC design prototypes to market quickly and easily using AWR's Microwave Office electronic design automation (EDA) software and the UMS PPH25X foundry process design kit (PDK).

The program runs from 15 November 2008 through 31 May 2009 (chips delivered), and includes free PDKs, a free 90-day lease for AWR's flagship high-frequency design software, Microwave Office design suite, and a reduced-rate prototype development quickturn (PDQ) shared-wafer foundry run using the UMS PPH25X process.

UMS has developed and qualified the PPH25X pHEMT process for high frequency and high power designs. It features a very high breakdown voltage, providing high power density up to one watt per millimetre of gate periphery. Optimized small via-hole definitions through the 70µm substrate thickness can be directly connected to the sources of the transistors, thereby reducing parasitics and simplifying wideband amplifier designs, says UMS. The PPH25X process is fully qualified and open in foundry mode.

For high-frequency design, AWR's Microwave Office software offers: linear and non-linear circuit simulators, electromagnetic (EM) analysis tools, integrated schematic and layout, statistical design capabilities, and parametric cell libraries with built-in design-rule check (DRC).

Contact a UMS or AWR sales office for more information about timing, qualification, and program guidelines.

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